A new Greek Delectus, sentences for translation from Greek into English, and English into Greek

Livre original : Elementargrammatik der griechischen Sprache

Auteurs :

Date de publication : 1839

Éditeur : London

Langue de la traduction : English

Langue originale : German

Format : duodecimo

Style : Popular

Sujet : Greek Language

Type : Standard

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Notes : This is a translation of the grammatical examples taken from Kühner's Elementargrammatik (Original ID 976199466). Extract from Allen's preface: "At short intervals throughout this Elementary Grammar, a series of examples of the rules and forms imparted in the text was given, with the Vocabulary prefixed. This part of Dr. Kühner's work is here printed in a separate form as a Delectus." Published by Taylor and Walton, London. 10-2010 VC