The Pantheon, representing the fabulous histories of the heathen gods and most illustious heroes, in a short, plain and familiar method by way of dialogue

Livre original : Pantheum mythicum, seu Fabulosa deorum historia hoc primo epitomes eruditionis volumine breviter dilucideque comprehensa

Auteurs :

Date de publication : 1713

Date d'édition : 6

Éditeur : United Kingdom - England - London

Langue de la traduction : English

Langue originale : Latin

Format :

Sujet : Ancient Art and Mythology

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Notes : For the use of schools. 1694, made english by J.A.B., M.A. 6th ed. In which the whole translation is revisedm and much amended, a new of cuts added, with a copious Index. 6th ed. 1713, by Andrew Tooke 8th ed. 1720 11th ed.1729