Exercises on Latin syntax adapted to Zumpt's grammar

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Date de publication : 1825

Éditeur : United Kingdom - England - London

Langue de la traduction : English

Langue originale : German

Format : cm.22

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Type : Standard Enlarged

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Notes : subttitle: to which are added, extracts from the writings of Muretus Is this really a translation? Kenrick is the author, in the preface he states "I have adapted this book of exercises to my Translation of Zumpt's Latin Grammar, in order to extend its utility, by enabling the teachers who use it to conduct their pupils through a regular course of Latin composition, in the order of that work. In Germany, where the original Grammar has been very generally introduced into the Gymnasia, two exercise books have been published, which, from their titles, appear to be adapted to it. I have not, however, seen either of them, and the passages which are here given have been, with few exceptions, selected by myself from the original authors."