A grammar of the Greek language, principally from the German of Kühner

Auteurs :

Date de publication : 1844

Éditeur : New York

Langue de la traduction : English

Langue originale : German

Format : octavo

Sujet : Greek Language

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Notes : Difficult to decide if this is a translation or an adaptation. Furthermore, based on several different German originals. From Anthon's Preface to the English text: "The very favorable reception extended to the author's previous grammar of the Greek language, and the urgent solicitations of many valued friends, have induced him to present the same work in a more enlarged and complete form. His object has been to furnish the student with a general view of the leading features of Greek philology, and to place in his hands a volume that may prove a useful auxiliary to him throughout the whole of his academic and collegiate career. Recourse has been had to the writings of the latest and best of the German grammarians, and especially to those of Kuhner, which are now justly regarded as the ablest of their kind. The greater part of the present work…is a translation and abridgment from the different grammars of this eminent scholar, namely, his "Copious Grammar of the Greek Language", his "School Grammar" of the same tongue, and his "Abridged Grammar for Beginners". An English edition of the last of these has recently appeared, from which the author of the present work has obtained very important aid, especially under the head of the verb; but in general he has had recourse at once to the original German. Independently, however, of the materials obtained from the productions of Kuhner, the author has incorporated into the volume many valuable additions from Matthiae, Buttmann, Thiersch, and Rost, so that the present work may be regardedas a compend of all that is immediately useful for the student, drawn from the most approved modern sources." Original texts mentioned are: "Elementargrammatik der deutschen Sprache" (Hannover:Hahn, 1837); "Ausführliche Grammatik der deutschen Sprache"(Hannover:Hahn, 1834-5); "Schulgrammatik der deutschen Sprache"(Hannover:Hahn, 1836); "Kurzgefaßte Grammatik der deutschen Sprache"(Hannover:Hahn, 1865). 10-2010 VC.