sir William James Ashley

Statut : Academic (economic historian)


Notes : From 1878 to 1888, Ashley studied and worked at Oxford, where he attended Arnold Toynbee's lectures on the industrial revolution. He was also influenced by the German historical school of economists following three visits to Germany, in particular to Göttingen. From 1888 he held professorships at Toronto and Harvard, before returning to England to take up a chair in Birmingham, though he retained close links with Oxford to the end of his life. According to the ODNB, 'Ashley's career as an academic was, both institutionally and intellectually, of great significance. At Harvard he held the first chair in economic history in the English-speaking world, and, as professor of commerce at Birmingham, he has reasonable claims to being the founder of business studies in Britain. As a leading member of the British school of historical economics he played an important role in the Methodenstreit with the Marshallians, and made a significant contribution to the development of economic history as a discipline in Britain.' 10-2010 VC.

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