Ernst Curtius

Statut : academic


Notes : Ernst Curtius studied Classics first in Bonn under F. G. Welcker and C. A. Brandis and later in Göttingen under K. O. Müller. From 1835 to 1837 he worked with A. Böckh in Berlin and after that for Brandis in Athens. After his return to Berlin he completed his doctoral dissertation “Commentatio de portubus Athenarum” in Halle in 1841 and his habilitation, an edition of the “Anecdota Delphica”, in Berlin in 1843. Since 1844 he was the tutor of the Crown Prince, the later Emperor Frederick III, while holding a university professorship in Berlin. In 1852 he became a member of the Berlin Academy and edited the “Corpus Inscriptionum Graecarum”. In 1855 he moved to Göttingen for the Chair of Classical Philology and returned to Berlin in 1868 for a professorship in Archaeology. Under his guidance the Archaeological Institute was first transformed into a Prussian, later a German institution. Curtius is today best remembered for his work in Olympia. His “Griechische Geschichte” was published in the same series as Mommsen’s “Römische Geschichte” and constitutes the first comprehensive German survey of Greek history. It is dedicated to the Crown Prince and has no introduction by the author.

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