An answer to Mr. de Fontenelle's history of oracles in which Mr. Van-Dale's system concerning the authors of the heathen oracles, and the cause and time of their silence is confuted and the opinion of the fathers upon that subject vindicated

Livre original : Réponse à l'histoire des oracles de Mr. e Fontennelle de l'Academie Francoise: Dans laquelle on réfute le Système de Mr. Van-Dale, sur les Auteurs des

Auteurs :

Date de publication : 1709

Éditeur : London

Langue de la traduction : English

Langue originale : French

Format : octavo

Nombre de pages : [72], 229, [27] pp.

Sujet : Ancient History

Type : Standard

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Notes : Full title: 'An answer to Mr. de Fontenelle's History of oracles. In which Mr. Van-Dale's System concerning the Authors of the Heathen Oracles, and the Cause and Time of their Silence is confuted: and the opinion of the Fathers upon that subject vindicated. Translated from the French. With some reflections upon the remarks of Mr. Le Clerc, in his Bibliotheque Choisie, In a Preface. By a priest of the Churc of England. To which is prefix'd a letter to the translator, by the Reverend George Hickes, D.D.' Printed by W. B. for Henry Clements at the Half-Moon in St. Paul's Church-Yard, 1709. 10-2010 VC.