Ivan Ivanovich Tolstoi

Statut : Minister of Education


Notes : Statesman and public figure in pre-Revolutionary Russia. He was appointed member of the Imperial Archaeological Commission (1886-1891) and elected Vice-President of the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts, due to his noble birth as well as his antiquarian interests (especially in northern Black Sea numismatics). In 1905-6 he served as Minister of Education in the Cabinet of Count Sergei Witte. With the translation of Reinach’s Orpheus into Russian, Tolstoi repaid a favour: in 1891 Reinach had published Antiquités de la Russie méridionale, an expanded version of the second volume of Russkie drevnosti v pamyatnikakh iskusstva [Russian antiquity in monuments of art] by Count Tolstoi and the art historian N.P. Kondakov (St. Petersburg, 1889). For biographical information, see S.A. Zhebelev, Ivan Ivanovich Tolstoi, 1856-1916 (Petrograd, 1916). Tolstoi is often confused with his son of the same name (26.8.1880-27.10.1954), a specialist on Attic comedy and author of a well-known corpus of Greek graffiti from the northern Black Sea region (1953). On the latter, see I.M. Tronskogo, Ivan Ivanovich Tolstoi, 1856-1916 (Moscow, 1958).

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